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Snow Scan Powder
Snow Scan Powder
Snow Scan Powder
Snow Scan Powder for CAD/CAM

CAD/CAM Micro-Thin Scan Powder

Item #: SP2101A

  • Sticks to everything including metal, wax, zirconia, stone, and resin

  • 10x more accurate than spray

  • 100x more output than spray

  • Super thin, precise, and even coating

  • Easy application and clean up

* brush included

Powder vs Spray Comparison Chart

Snow Scan Powder for CAD/CAM

Powder > Spray

“Snow Scan Powder” is a brand new alternative to scan spray for CAD/CAM. It is 12x more accurate with a 1μm coating, compared spray’s average coating of 12μm.

It is also 60x more economical, yielding over 3000 abutment scans per container, compared to just 50 scans per spray can.

It leaves a perfectly even coating, has no dry wait time, and easy to clean up. The dust-like powder adheres to metal, wax, zirconia, stone, resin, and other shiny surfaces. ​
Snow Rock Dentures has the best scan powder in the market.

Snow Scan Powder for CAD/CAM

Snow Scan Powder (green) leaves a perfectly even layer

Conventional spray (red) creates build up and uneven layers

Where to Buy

Item #: SP2101A

United States


more coming soon...

* Note to dealers: if you have not received product registration information, please contact us to register Snow Scan Powder today.

Basic Instructions:

  1. Remove foam padding inside before use.

  2. Lavishly apply powder multiple times onto the brush before applying on the appliance to prevent under-application.

  3. Double-check that there is powder applied to entire appliance before scanning.

  4. Clean appliance with preferred method (steam cleaner or similar).


  • Check scan to see if any area was under-applied. Add powder accordingly and run an adaptive scan to complete the process.

  • Make sure to lightly dab/touch the appliance to apply powder accordingly instead of brushing and pushing it on. Needs a light touch. Dab and apply the powder at least 4-5 times per case.

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