Frequently Asked Questions:


I've never heard of Snow Rock USA, who are you guys?

We are a premier provider of denture material, equipment, teeth, and more for the US dental science community. We carry the #1 market-leading denture resins from Japan, that have won numerous awards and provide many benefits over the current US market-leading products. Our mission has been to provide only the best products that we can fully put our name behind. We were founded in 2012 by a father-son (former CDT) duo that understands dental technicians, dentists, and patients alike.

Are you guys based in the US?

Yes, our main office + warehouse is located in Norcross, GA, which is 30 minutes north of Atlanta.

AcryFlex Semi-Flexible Acrylic

Is AcryFlex fully-flexible?

AcryFlex is a semi-flexible - meaning that it is just flexible enough to use for certain flexible partial cases, but it is breakable. Therefore, it should be used with caution for cases where a high degree of bending may occur. We recommend the following indications: full dentures, metal partials, metal-free partials (limited), flippers, nesbits. However, AcryFlex is still really great! It is 100% repairable and relineable using traditional denture acrylics without any primers or additional steps. It is also extremely easy to grind + polish, and will keep its shine and shape much longer than other flexibles. Doctors remark that it is much more beautiful and comfortable for their patients to wear.

QuickBase Heat-Cure Acrylic

Is QuickBase heat-cure acrylic weak or brittle?

No, QuickBase heat-cure acrylic is rated with higher impact strength than the top market-leading heat-cure products. Depsite this, it is able to cure in just 10-minutes time in boiling water, saving a lot of time in lab and with turnaround speed for the doctor.

X-Grip Denture Teeth


Snow Scan Powder