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RAiG estimate that there are “tens of thousands of affiliates operating in the UK market. The vast majority of these will be very small indeed, often individuals who promote gambling on social media. At the other end of the spectrum are listed and multi-million pound companies such as those who established RAiG.”

They state: “It is widely accepted that affiliates deliver between 30%–50% of acquisition to operators in the UK and collectively, members of RAiG reach millions of unique customers each month via their websites and products”

Affiliates are not individually licensed. They are regulated by the ASA, but not by the Gambling Commission, whose involvement is only indirect. Mr McArthur told us: “We have made it extremely clear to our operators that they are personally accountable for the actions of affiliates, so they cannot say, as some tried a little while ago, ‘We could not possibly control this, because it is all being done by affiliates.

Although it is done in our name, it is done without our knowledge’ … We are holding the operators to account, and we have fined operators for not controlling their affiliates.”279


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