What is Acry-Tone™?
Flexible but Fixable Acrylic

acry-tone2.jpg Flexible dentures have been traditionally made with vinyl or nylon-based resins, which makes it hard to reline or to fix when torn or broken. With Acry-Tone™, you can now fully reline and fully repair flexible dentures 100% through a cold-curing method. 

Acry-Tone™ is a new acrylic-based denture resin that is flexible; you can fabricate a full array of dentures without any restrictions. For creating metal-free partials, we recommend using Rezen NF . Although Acry-Tone  can create metal-free partials, we recommend that technicians partake in further training before creating metal-free partials with Acry-Tone.

Acry-Tone™ has high shine and a great polish that won’t fade from UV-exposure over time. It’s stronger and durable than conventional flexible dentures, but still lightweight and translucent. 

Acry-Tone has one of the lowest absorption rates. Plaque, debris, and odors will have a very hard time adhering to Acry-Tone dentures. 


As an acrylic-based denture resin made from solidified ingot resin rather than a compound formed by traditional polymer and monomer mixing, Acry-Tone™ is easier to fabricate, has a much shorter time window on fabrication, and has no occlusion issues upon fabrication like vinyl or nylon-based resins. 

Residual monomers left behind in dentures after processing can lead to biological consequences. The monomer will diffuse out and into adjacent oral tissues, causing allergic reactions such as 'burning mouth' sensation. Acry-Tone™ has been shown to have five times less residual monomer than standard heat-cured resins in lab tests. With a very faint amount of residual monomer left behind within the dentures, Acry-Tone™ is safe and hypoallergenic to the body. 


Due to its' translucence, color matching is almost unnecessary. We recommend color #7α Real Pink for 95% of the population and all ethnic groups. Translucence can be controlled by adding #0 Clear to any of our shades.  

With our Snow Rock Denture System's Jet 7000 Injection System, you can inject both Acry-Tone™ and Rezen NF™ into one system!  

Acry-Tone™ is the superior choice when it comes to any denture resins. Choose Acry-Tone™!