What is Acry-Tone™?

Flexible but Fixable Acrylic

web_smile_2.jpg Restore your confidence and beautiful smile with Acry-Tone™ dentures. Previously, acrylic dentures were heavy and uncomfortable with an unnatural appearance due to its solid rigid nature. Now, with Acry-Tone™, you can experience lightweight and flexible denture that looks and feels natural.

Acry-Tone™ is one of the first flexible acrylic denture resins on the North American market but it’s an established product in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Even though Acry-Tone™ dentures are thin and lightweight,  our dentures will still absorb stress better than most flexible dentures out on the market. Acry-Tone dentures are comfortable, strong, and durable; due to its flexural strength and flexural elasticity, the area of junction between your gums and dentures are made thin for better support, stability, and retention. Acry-Tone is UV-resistant, shatter-resistant, and resistant to stains so plaque and debris have a harder time adhering to the dentures; due to its translucent nature, dentures will blend with your own gum colors to create a natural look. Unlike other flexible denture resins, Acry-Tone™ can be created for all your denture, nightguard, and prosthetic removable needs.


Acry-Tone™ is a hypoallergenic acrylic denture resin so you don’t need to worry about acrylic sensitivity caused by residual monomer deposits. Residual monomers from dentures can lead to irritation within your mouth. The monomer will diffuse out and into the mouth, causing allergic reactions such as 'burning mouth' sensation. Acry-Tone™ has been shown to have five times less residual monomer than standard heat-cured denture resins in lab tests. 


Acry-Tone has one of the lowest absorption rates. Plaque, debris, and odors will have a very hard time adhering to Acry-Tone dentures. 

Prosthetic teeth can be added on to your existing Acry-Tone™ dentures in case of extractions so you don’t need to spend money on a new set of dentures every time you lose a tooth. Many simple repairs can be performed chair-side at your dentist’s office.

You don’t need to use any special cleaners for your Acry-Tone™ dentures. Just use any over-the-counter denture cleaning products to maintain your dentures (don’t use tooth paste as a substitute as this may cause damage to the dentures themselves).

Acry-Tone™ is the perfect denture resin for any type of denture, nightguard, and prosthetic removables. Ask your dentist about Acry-Tone™ dentures, today! 


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